Hello… Is it me you’re looking for?

Yes, I’m looking for you, signs of Summer. All Spring flowers and fruit trees are blooming now, it looks soo pretty. And as it seems, it’ll be a fantastic harvest this year.

This is forget-me-nots and mint on the left and wild or garden strawberries on the left. These strawberries are tiny but super delicious. Their flavor is more intense and distinguished than regular strawberries.



This is our plum tree. You can already see the tiny plums. Can’t wait until they’re ripe and I can eat them raw or make delicious cakes or jams with them.
Do you enjoy growing your own fruits and veggies?


Hello Spring, I’ve missed you

Hello Spring, I've missed you

Spring… aaah. The warm sun rays that tickle your skin, the slight breeze in your hair, temperatures above freezing (haha), and that distinct smell of Spring. Hard to describe but we all know the smell and that feeling that comes with it. It makes me feel happy, relaxed, and hopeful for more sunny days.
Yesterday I went for a run in the nearby forest. I love jogging on a trail in the forest or by the field so much. Being in nature makes me happy. The view is beautiful, you meet nice people along the way, you hear birds sing and there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh, clean air in the forest. Just far enough away to escape the busy life in the city for a while. Really, it’s a tiny foresty patch covering a hill right by the city centre but that’s good enough for now.
Supposedly, this has been the coldest Spring since the start of recording the weather. I pretty much agree that’s it’s been a gloomy, rainy, snowy, cold, excruciatingly long “Spring” so far. I’m hopeful that temperatures will really pick up now.